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DLTUK60 series-Carbide Rods with 3 helical coolant holes(30°)

DLTUK60 series-Carbide Rods with 3 helical coolant holes(30°)
Literal statement:
Three helical coolant holes cemented carbide rods are rods with three helical coolant holes. They could applied to many cases, including drill bits, end mills, and reamers. Customized diameters and length are also available in these grades as well as metric sizes.
Especially at the high temperatures, the hardness and toughness of the sintered materials are the keys to improve the capability of cemented carbide rods. These properties are also the result of a good balance between WC grain size and binder content.
Regular size:
code external diaφD length(tol./0,+5) internal diaφd pitch of holesφTK pitch tol.
DLTUK60-E30-060330070027 6 330 0.70  2.75  32.65  -0.65  +0.67
DLTUK60-E30-080330100040 8 330 1.00  4.00  43.53  -0.86  +0.89
DLTUK60-E30-100330140050 10 330 1.40  5.00  54.41  -1.08  +1.11
DLTUK60-E30-120330140060 12 330 1.40  6.00  65.30  -1.30  +1.34
DLTUK60-E30-140330175070 14 330 1.75  7.00  76.18  -1.51  +1.56
DLTUK60-E30-160330175080 16 330 1.75  8.00  87.06  -1.73  +1.78
DLTUK60-E30-180330200095 18 330 2.00  9.55  97.95  -1.94  +2.00
DLTUK60-E30-200330200100 20 330 2.00  10.00  108.83  -2.16  +2.23
Material composition:
Physical Properties:
A) Hardness greater than or equal to 92.8 HRA;
B) Density greater than or equal to 14.2 g/cm³;
C) TRS greater than or equal to 4200 N/mm²;
D) Free of ETA phase condition;
E) No contamination by other materials;
F) Porosity = A00 / B00 / C00 ;
G) Uniform and consistent grain size. No grain size can be   larger than specified.
H) Chromium carbide grain growth inhibitor only.
1、The factory use the advanced spray drying tower, HIP low pressure fritting furnace.
2、We have independent research team, from tool materials research and development, cutting tool design to tool application, and we also have the ability to provide customers with a complete set of product design program.
Surface roughness of rods:
Type Accuracy
Polished Rods 0.00-0.05μm
Dull Finished 0.10-0.20μm
Ground Rods 0.00-0.10μm

Tungsten carbide rods are made by mixing hard and wear resistant particles of different sizes (tungsten carbide) and are made by mixing and combining a ductile metal (cobalt, nickel, chromium, iron). In order to get the best performance in a given application, sometimes a small amount of alloying is required to deal with specific attributes. Very accurate composition of the mixture, combined with the specific sintering process, will eventually come to the mechanical properties of the product.

Customized soltuion is aviable for tungsten carbide rods With 2 Helical Coolant Channels



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