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DLTUK60 series-Single straight hole rods

DLTUK60 series-Single straight hole rods DLTUK60 series-Single straight hole rods
Literal statement:
Tungsten carbide rod with single straight holes is tungsten carbide round rod, which has one radial holesThese rods are mainly used for manufacturing mills, drills, drill bits and other tools, but we also use them for processing cold heading die, stamping die, cold punching ball, warheads, watch parts for stamping, punching battery shell, toothpaste tubes and other molds. But we cannot omit the fact that tungsten carbide rod with single straight holes if used for making knife or parts of mold, they are clamped in circular shaft, which is not conducive to the cutter and mold clamping. Our company can provide quality Tungsten Carbide  Single Straight Hole Rods, the following is our common size models.
Regular size:
code external dia tolerance internal dia length tolerance
D(mm) (mm) φ(mm) L(mm) (mm)
DLTUK600-B022**330 2.2 0+0.2 φ0.2 ±0.06φ9.7±0.3 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B032**330 3.2 0+0.2 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B042**330 4.2 0+0.2 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B052**330 5.2 0+0.2 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B062**330 6.2 0+0.2 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B072**330 7.2 0+0.2 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B082**330 8.2 0+0.3 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B092**330 9.2 0+0.3 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B 102**330 10.2 0+0.3 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B112**330 11.2 0+0.3 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B 122**330 12.2 0+0.3 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B 132**330 13.2 0+0.3 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B 142**330 14.2 0+0.3 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B 152**330 15.2 0+0.3 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B 162**330 16.2 0+0.4 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B172**330 17.2 0+0.4 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B182**330 18.2 0+0.4 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B 192**330 19.2 0+0.4 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B202**330 20.2 0+0.5 330 0+1.5
DLTUK600-B212**330 21.2 0+0.5 330 0+1.5
Material composition:
Physical Properties:
A) Hardness greater than or equal to 92.8 HRA;
B) Density greater than or equal to 14.2 g/cm³;
C) TRS greater than or equal to 4200 N/mm²;
D) Free of ETA phase condition;
E) No contamination by other materials;
F) Porosity = A00 / B00 / C00 ;
G) Uniform and consistent grain size. No grain size can be   larger than specified.
H) Chromium carbide grain growth inhibitor only.
1、The factory use the advanced spray drying tower, HIP low pressure fritting furnace.
2、We have independent research team, from tool materials research and development, cutting tool design to tool application, and we also have the ability to provide customers with a complete set of product design program.
Surface roughness of rods:
Type Accuracy
Polished Rods 0.00-0.05μm
Dull Finished 0.10-0.20μm
Ground Rods 0.00-0.10μm

Tungsten carbide Single straight hole rods can also be used for processing cold punch die, stamping die, cold ball, warhead, stamping parts, battery shells, toothpaste tubes and other molds. Tungsten carbide Dual straight hole rods are used for the manufacture of end mills or mold parts that are sandwiched between round shafts. Calloy offers high-quality tungsten carbide Single straight hole rods that solve the tooling and mold not clamping problems.



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