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Customized end mill manfacturer

Our factory has made standard milling cutters and customized non-standard milling cutters for a long time.

About us

Our company has been providing specialty carbide end mills and cutting tools to the metalworking industry. We are well ahead of the industry because of our remarkable technical expertise and engineering skills.
Our mission is to provide unique and innovative products to solve challenging machining requirements for our customers. We are committed to providing excellent service, quality products, and to building long-standing customer relationships. We take pride in our attention to detail and customer care, and seek to have fun in our work.
At our company, our focus is on identifying and providing unique end mill, cutting tool products and rods for specialty machining needs. Every tool in our catalog is stocked. Over 60% of our tools are typically unavailable anywhere else on the market.
Not only do we pride ourselves on manufacturing quality solid carbide cutting tools and direct customer satisfaction, but we also push for innovation on every level. Our company is continually in search of new ways to improve the manufacturing process as well as the services they provide. 

Our factory is dedicated to making a manufacturing enterprise of specialized precision tool, providing services of high precision and high efficiency non-standard cutters for the field of metal processing. The first investment was 50 million , of which fixed assets invested 35 million; the second investment was 60 million in 2016, to build the manufacturing base of precision tools .


Our company has a highly qualified team of technical experts and engineers, all working together to ensure that we scrutinize every detail from product development through inspection to guarantee that each tool meets our standards. These technical experts are available to assist you through even the most challenging applications. Our company's commitment to our customers is to provide optimal service with the best quality tools.


Product Literature


DLTTK600 series-End mill for thread

DLTUA600 series - High Speed Aluminum End Mill Machining