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End mills divided into three categories

Diamond: Industrial diamond grades, such as polycrystalline diamond (PCD), typically sinter many micro-sized single crystal diamond crystals at high temperatures and pressures. Has good fracture toughness and thermal stability. They are often used for special applications such as high speed machining of aluminum-silicon alloys, composites and other non-metallic materials.
End mills can also be divided into three categories based on their use:
General purpose: It also represents a versatile end mill that can be used for a wide range of applications and workpiece materials. They support high productivity while minimizing the number of tool changes. General-purpose end mills are economical and have a high degree of manufacturing flexibility.
End mills divided into three categories
Special use: For specific machining operations such as thread cutting, die cutting, corner rounding, etc.
High performance: As the name implies, they are suitable for highly specialized areas of manufacturing components such as aircrafts, marine structures, and turbines, requiring high precision and close tolerances.
The manufacturing organization produces a wide variety of products/components that are machined from different workpiece materials. Each piece of workpiece material has a unique set of characteristics that are influenced by its alloying elements, heat treatment process, hardness, and so on.

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