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Knowledge-based end mill selection system

Knowledge-based end mill selection system.
Knowledge-based end mill selection system
Quick and easy access to relevant information for the ultimate choice of decisions is crucial for a given machining application to gain competitive advantage and manufacturing excellence. This paper proposes a knowledge-based end mill selection system aiming at the specific processing application requirements of the current manufacturing industry. The developed system provides a set of feasible final alternatives for a given application, from a comprehensive list of available options on the market, and then provides their sort order. The results show that changes in the processing conditions of the final components and the resulting shape characteristics greatly affect the efficiency and production efficiency of the end mills. Therefore, the process planner needs to have a clear understanding of the choice issue. The process planner first provides the necessary information about the tool material, the type of use, the workpiece material, and more. Different evaluation criteria, such as long strips, cutting diameters, and cut lengths, are the last choices. Next, specify the range of values ​​needed for those approved assessment criteria. This knowledge-based system is designed to first abandon end mills that do not meet the established machining application requirements, and to narrow down the list of feasible solutions at each step of the selection process. Finally, according to the most suitable choice, the viable end mills were ranked.
Knowledge-based end mill selection system

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