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DLTSBK550 series-Solid Carbide V-shaped

DLTSBK550 series-Solid Carbide V-shaped
Literal statement:
Many solid Carbide V-shaped saw cutters are made of the same kind of high speed steel, carbide and other materials. Compared with high speed steel, the carbide has higher hardness, stronger cutting force, higher speed and feed rate, and higher productivity.

Widely used: printed circuit boards.

Regular size: 
External diameter(D) Hole diameter Thickness(H) Teet(T) Angle
50.8  51 25 2.4 20T 25°30°45°60°90°
50 25 2.0 40T 25°30°45°60°90°
50 25.4 2.0 48T 25°30°45°60°90°
50.8  51 25 2.4 32T 25°30°45°60°90°
50.8  51 25 2.4 40T 25°30°45°60°90°
56.3  56 25.4 2.4 48T 25°30°45°60°90°
58 25.4 2.2, 2.4 48T 25°30°45°60°90°
100 25.4 40 2.0 30T 50T 100T 30°45°60°90°
120 25.4 2.0, 2.4 80T 100T 30°45°60°90°
Tool material composition:
1.Physical Properties:
A) Hardness greater than or equal to 92.6 HRA;
B) Density greater than or equal to 14.4g/cm³;
C) TRS greater than or equal to 3800 N/mm²;
2.All the tools of production, coatings are used in Germany, Switzerland,  processing equipment;
1、Make sure work piece and machine are stable and use a precision holder.
2、Please adjust the speed,feed and cutting depth according to actual cutting conditions.

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