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end mill for stainless steel-DLTUS650-4F-D010-L050

end mill for stainless steel-DLTUS650-4F-D010-L050

Suitable for general machining of stainless steel (< 280HB).
Special edge design, effectively solve the crumbs.
Water cooling, oil cooling is the best cooling methods.

Universal High Performance Coating AlCrSiN :
end mill for stainless steel-DLTUS650-4F-D010-L050
1. The hardness, oxidation resistance and thermal stability of the specialty coatings have been optimized for hard and high speed machining.
2. Fast coating, with good abrasion resistance, oil resistance, water resistance and heat resistance, has excellent heat insulation and cathodic protection.
3. For high-strength and hard-to-cut materials, the coating prevents wear and adhesion over the entire cutting speed range.

Basic factors:
a. Higher cutting speed and feed for wide range material cutting applications which is significantly increasing productivity.
B. Particular design of structure brings good balance between toughness,thermo-shock stability and residual stress.

Tool material composition:
1. Physical Properties:
a. Hardness >= 92.8 HRA;
b. Density >= 14.2g/cm³;
c. TRS >= 4200 N/mm²;
d. Free of ETA phase condition;
e. No contamination by other materials;
f. Porosity = A00/ B00 / C00 ;
g. Uniform and consistent grain size. No grain size can be larger than specified.
h. Chromium carbide grain growth inhibitor only.
2. All the tools of production, coatings are used in Germany, Switzerland,  processing equipment;

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