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roughing end mill DLTUPR650-4F-060

roughing end mill DLTUPR650-4F-060
  • Suitable for processing steel and cast iron, with high processing efficiency. (≤ 60 HRC).
  • Used for roughing milling, the rotary tool with one or more teeth. 
  • Widely used in grooving, woodworking milling cutter and step surface machining.

Ordering code Outside Diameter(d) Flute Length(l) Overall Length(L) Shank Diameter(D)
DLTUPR650-4F-060 6 15 50 6

Tool material composition:
1.Physical Properties:
A) Hardness ≥ 92.8 HRA;
B) Density ≥ 14.2 g/cm³;
C) TRS ≥ 4200 N/mm²;
D) Free of ETA phase condition;
E) No contamination by other materials;
F) Porosity = A00 / B00 / C00 ;
G) Uniform and consistent grain size. No grain size can be larger than specified.
H) Chromium carbide grain growth inhibitor only.
2.All the tools of production, coatings are used in Germany, Switzerland,  processing equipment;
3.It's proposed cutting ≤ HRC60;

Nano Coating AlTiN
Characteristics and Function

1. Enhance Tool corners with feature of chamfer, and extend tool life, reduce tool force at higher speeds.
2. Tool handle tolerance up to H6.
3. Light pitch profile.

Rough milling cutters, which are rotary tools with one or more teeth, have a high metal removal rate. Widely applied to processing mold steel, tool steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron and so on. HSS rough milling cutter groove for the whole grinding, smooth, chip evacuation performance, high hardness, high precision.

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