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Even in difficult environments the highest accuracy can be achieved through the calloytool graphite tool with carbide and graphite processing, which is designed for our nano-diamond-coated tool geometries and special permutations easily. The calloytool graphite tool produces a very narrow production tolerance (tolerance ± 0 / - 0.01mm / concentricity maximum 0.003 mm / radius profile + / - 0.003 mm), reaching an impressive performance in terms of accuracy and service life. The graphite series includes corner ball Mills, the global head Mills, the coarse Mills and the drill bits, the thread cutter and the view, thus providing a diamond coating tool with the most comprehensive range of graphite processing.

DLTSG600 series-Diamond coating of Graphite end mill

DLTSG600 series-Diamond coating of Graphite end mill

Graphite endmills is used for the modern industry of processing graphite ,alloy cutting. Because of its characteristics of soft graphite, we use coarse grain size tungsten carbide with low content cobalt, at the same time, and we use coarse grain size diamond coating, this best combination ensures the good life of the tool....

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DLTTK600 series-End mill for thread

DLTUA600 series - High Speed Aluminum End Mill Machining