Rubber hose coil packing machine

[下午4:16, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: This is the rolling + wrapping. But it is not eye through wrapping.
[下午4:41, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: The automatic coiling and strapping machine price is upto $48,000- $55,000, which is suitable for automation factory. So if you want good rolling only, you can choose semiauto coiling machine.
[下午4:51, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: Got it
[下午4:56, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: We prefer to suggest a suitable machine to acchich your goal. If you are looking for a automatic system, the automatic coiling, strapping and wrapping machine is a good choice. If you are looking for increase the packing speed and good good packing. I think semiauto wrapping machine is a good choice.
[下午4:58, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: The wrapping speed: 20-25sec per coil.
[下午5:00, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: is it for The automatic coiling and strapping machine?
[下午5:01, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: This is coiling and wrapping
[下午5:02, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: This is coiling+strapping
[下午5:07, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: this one, one side is Rolling, so, what is the other side?
[下午5:22, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: Other sides for strapping.
[下午5:34, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL:
[下午5:35, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: Got it
[下午5:36, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: Min weight: 4kg
Max: 30kg
[下午5:38, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: Width: 20cm. OD:80cm ID:45cm. Hose size:20-30 cm
[下午5:38, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: Width: 30cm. OD:50cm ID:30cm. Hose size:6-18cm
[下午5:39, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: Width: 20cm. OD:65cm ID:30cm. Hose size:water hose
[下午5:39, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: Finished
[下午5:40, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: Also,our boss likes it
[下午5:40, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: If for wrapping only, considering the handling process, this type semiauto is the good one.
[下午5:40, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL:
[下午5:42, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: Sorry this is for small size pipe.
[下午5:42, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: Your hose is too big to coiling by this machine.
[下午5:49, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: so, which one is the best for us
[下午5:49, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: you know our sizes now
[下午5:49, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: also saw our hose too
[下午5:49, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: So, Please suggest the best one for us
[下午5:49, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: with video
[下午5:57, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: Ok
[晚上6:08, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: It you want automatic coiling and wrapping machine: the combination is the best: a. b.
[晚上6:09, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: This is an anutomatic packing system
[晚上6:10, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: If for wrapping only, this is the best one: ch
[晚上6:12, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: The price cheap, and easy to loading and unlaoding the rubber hose coil on floor. The operator no need to lifting the coil and put it on the wrapping position for packing.
[晚上6:41, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: but, if we want to order only wrapping machine, it must be horizontal
[晚上6:41, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: because strapping is making by hand
[晚上6:42, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: and better to keep it Horizontal
[晚上6:42, 2020年1月7日] nasiri: Not vertical
[晚上6:42, 2020年1月7日] RANDAL: OK i see
[下午1:08, 2020年1月8日] RANDAL: this is the horizontal wrapping machine can be connected to your horizontal coiling machine.
[下午1:09, 2020年1月8日] RANDAL: After manually strapping, the coil can be moves to the wrapping station by manually on the motor free conveyor.
[下午1:21, 2020年1月8日] nasiri: do you have video of this machine?
[下午1:34, 2020年1月8日] RANDAL:
[下午1:46, 2020年1月8日] nasiri: but, our hose is more bigger than this one
[下午2:02, 2020年1月8日] RANDAL: This is for show the machine types.
[下午2:02, 2020年1月8日] RANDAL: we have bigger machine.
[下午2:03, 2020年1月8日] nasiri: please send me the video
[下午2:07, 2020年1月8日] RANDAL:
[下午2:07, 2020年1月8日] RANDAL: This is the bigger one.
[下午2:11, 2020年1月8日] nasiri: why doesn’t it work so fast?
[下午2:14, 2020年1月8日] RANDAL: The machine speed depends on the packaging and packing requirement. This video shows the two layer’s packing material wrapping at one time.
[下午2:15, 2020年1月8日] RANDAL: The ring speed can upto 90r per minute.
[下午4:08, 2020年1月10日] RANDAL: Hello Nasiri, i ‘d like to know what is your boss’s goal for investing the machine? For making a better loging or making better looking with automation for less people?
[下午4:10, 2020年1月10日] RANDAL: This is an automatic horizontal coiling and wrapping machine but it is limited in size and cost higher.
[下午4:11, 2020年1月10日] RANDAL:
[下午4:14, 2020年1月10日] RANDAL: If the coil appearance by coiling process in the factory now is acceptable, the economic solution is add a motor free horizontal coil wrapping machine with your coiling machine.

Automatic tyre packing machine with MES system


Supply list: designing, making, transportation, checking, instation and commission
1)    设备及装置 : 参照3.5.2供货范围分交表
2)    材料  : 参照3.5.2供货范围分交表
3)    备件(Spare Parts)
4)    设计及工程 packing machine design service

提供布置图,计算书,规格书,材料清单,施工及操作,检修必要的资料. Provie the designing drawing, material list, spare parts, and operation documents.
A) 设备现场交货
B)   提供电气及管道设计用Basic Data(Technical Data)
C)   提供土建及公用设施设计用基本数据
5)    机械安装
◎ 涉及到机械安装的工作.
◎ 涉及到安装的 Flooring, Anchoring 等工作
◎ 安装必要的地脚螺栓, 螺母,垫片供应6) 电气安装
             ◎ 电源柜至设备之间电缆安装工作k
             ◎ 电气安装必要的材料.설
7) 安全设施制造,供货,安装
8) 设备的运输,交货: 现场交火.
9) 初装油及润滑油(1m3以下小型液压罐及减速箱用)
10) 交货设备的检修操作培训( 包括机器人培训)